CHANEL Premiers the New BLEU DE CHANEL Film

A few months back I put together a piece on the last BLUE DE CHANEL campaign and didn’t know how they could out-master the level of pure class and luxury. Then they delivered this…

Earlier this week, CHANEL released its new ad film for BLEU DE CHANEL. Five years after Martin Scorsese, James Gray has taken the helm to portray the life of the same hero, constantly shifting between fantasy and reality, played by actor Gaspard Ulliel.

In 2010, BLEU DE CHANEL told the story of a man who had decided to free himself of all constraints. Five years later, it’s the same hero: a famous actor, hounded by his fans, torn between celebrity and a desire for peace and calm.

Three short clips (15″, 30″ and 1 minute) were created as part of the incredible new campaign. Here is the minute long version and my personal favourite:

In 2015, BLEU DE CHANEL tells the story of a man who decides to flee from the pressure and everything that seems contrived, to finally find himself alone, and at peace. Unrelenting, he is guided by an inner voice that tells him “you are forever becoming who you are”.




BLEU DE CHANEL is a timeless aromatic-woody fragrance with an amber quality that is dense and sensual. Its captivating trail conveys strength and elegance, exuding a sensuality like no other directly against the skin.

You are forever becoming who you are…BLEU DE CHANEL

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