Graduation. Probably the proudest moment of your life until your wife gives birth to your first born child…oh and until you get married of course *ehem*. I’ve seen so many graduates turn up to their ceremony wearing either jeans, a t-shirt or runners. Don’t even think about it. Suit up or shut up. Buy a suit and let your parents pay for it for all I care. At the end of the day, this is your day!

Here I’m wearing:

West End by Simon Carter Plain Navy Suit Jacket available at John Lewis (RRP: £199 – click to buy)

Ralph Lauren Sky Blue Custom Fit Shirt from Farfetch ($120 – click to buy)

Paul Smith Slim Red Tie ($75 – click to buy)

Mr. Porter Complementary Pocket Square

Giorgio Armani Timepiece

For more suits, check out these online destinations:


M.J. Bale


Good luck!

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