Polo Ralph Lauren Men Spring 2016

Polo Ralph Lauren presents a fine-tuned heritage story for Spring 2016, where iconic pieces are updated for the modern man, blending details from the worlds of tailored, technical and rugged to create a cool, fresh, contemporary look.

PoloRalphLaurenSpring2016_01 PoloRalphLaurenSpring2016_05 PoloRalphLaurenSpring2016_06 PoloRalphLaurenSpring2016_09 (1) PoloRalphLaurenSpring2016_08 PoloRalphLaurenSpring2016_02 PoloRalphLaurenSpring2016_10 PoloRalphLaurenSpring2016_03 PoloRalphLaurenSpring2016_04 PoloRalphLaurenSpring2016_11

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Founder of SMF, Elias spends most of his time travelling the world, attempting to become the first Lebanese surfer and rocking the white pant + double breasted blazer combo.