The New Christian Dior Sauvage Fragrance

Today for the first time in 10 years, Dior fragrances have forged a new territory for men. This composition by François Demachy harbors the very soul of a house that sets the bar extremely high. An olfactory shock with all the appeal of a great classic. An uninhibited, unexpected trail.

A powerfully fresh composition, virile and confident. A radical creation for a man authentic and true. A provocative name with a “Dior” ring to it. Like a manifesto. A forthright fragrance that announce its true colours:




Because we like it. It’s as simple as that.

Because it’s a snappy name with a nice ring to it. A compelling name.

A Dior name.


Yes, with the bold approach that has always driven the creation of Dior fragrances.

Like a cry that expresses instant virility.

A raw name that speaks of an intimate connection with one’s true nature.

A “sauvage” with the Dior touch, tightly balanced between his inborn animals and a natural sophistication.

An encounter between Raw and the Noble.


No, not even a cousin. It’s a brand-new “Sauvage.”

The next generation of Sauvage that plays with the history of the House.

Borrowing from its elder a word with strong resonance at Dior.

And a nice dose of citrus too.

One that writes itself a new, contemporary destiny.

Eau Sauvage is a timeless classic, an undeniable token of good taste.

The new Sauvage is immediate and powerful, like a manifesto of freedom.



Until now, he has never been

The face of a fragrance.

Never portrayed anyone other than

The characters that marked his

Illustrious career.

Johnny Depp is now the Dior

“Sauvage” Man.

An incredible osmosis with

A project tailor-made for him.

A world that fits him perfectly.

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