Valentino Camouflage Rockrunner Sneakers


Sneakers, my new found obsession. If you skim through the blog, you’ll only find me wearing sneakers a handful of times. Though, over the past couple of months and through the introduction of more casual outfits, an expensive taste for sneakers doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon.

After investing in my first pair of Valentino sneakers that I wore to Fashion Week in Milan, my next target were a pair from the new Camouflage Rockrunner collection.




Here I’m wearing:

Valentino Camouflage Rockrunner Sneakers (full collection)

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Founder of SMF. Elias spends most of his time travelling the world, attempting to become the first Lebanese surfer and rocking the white pant + double breasted blazer combo. He currently resides in Dubai, UAE, and has made it his mission to become best buddies with the Sheikh.