A Message From Her…

Seek with the intent to cherish not to change.

I know I’m asking for a lot here fellas, but in order for my point to be made I need you to really extract everything you can from your x chromosome and to visualize a rose! Roses have always been known to be a sign of great romance, an expression of true affection that has never seemed to date. However, roses do act as an impeccable lesson and carry a great amount of symbolism in the world of dating. The rose itself it beautiful, however, as we travel along the stem we are greeted by sharp, prickly pains by the ever so present thorns.

Gentleman, every woman has a thorn, most of us have many! As our relationships progress further we notice the level of appreciation that you do or don’t have for us. When entering into a relationship make sure that you have given yourself enough time to see beyond the surface. Make sure you’ve become familiar with her excessive snorting when she laughs, or her ability to kick your butt at FIFA, because if you cant cherish the traits that make that young woman so unique, she can see that. Give yourself some time to become familiar with all of these things so that they become a point of appreciation rather than a point of depreciation in your relationship.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like women are perfect, because lets be honest, we are the furthest things from it! Sometimes, it will be beyond hard to cherish a lot of things about us, especially at that time of the month when all we do is eat and cry whilst watching an epic love story unfold in a movie. However, when you do hit a rough patch and you lose sight of your sanity look at all the things that you love. Look at the way she holds your hand with so much pride, or the way she spends hours getting ready just to see the way your eyes light up and a smile is plastered onto your face when you catch the first glimpse of her. Appreciate and acknowledge all of the little things, and by doing so, the desire to enforce change on your partner will slowly deteriorate.



Hi all, my name is Natalie. I’m an aspiring interior designer who loves to travel, with a mind like a shutter and eyes like a lens. I would definitely say I’m addicted to the distance! I hope my adventures inspire you to buy a ticket and create your own. I haven’t been everywhere though, but it’s on my life!