Adrogenization: Avant-Garde Revolution or Societal Pariah

When I think of Men’s fashion I instinctively think of contrasting concepts of clean-cut and rugged, bruiting yet structured, with an overall sense of class and sophistication. However, after countless fashion movements and re-inventions, we have reached the 21st century where a trend of androgyny is seen in clothing.

Androgyny in layman terms, is expressing characteristics of both sexes. In contemporary fashion, men’s clothing has taken the twist of feminism, softening the traditional form of masculine apparel. Classically, we’ve already experienced this trend in female styles with the reinvention of the pant-suite, and the shift in tailoring of the clothes. Conversely, the adrogenization of men’s fashion remains foreign to most. Unlike the female reinvention, the phasing into androdyngy has been subtle; but with current 2014 autumn trends being released, it is easy to the fashion revolution.


Contemporary fashion collection, such as JW Anderson Men’s RTW 2014 Fall line; Xander Zhou’s’ autumn-winter line 2014’15, and Alan Taylor’s MAN collection, have taken the trend to a new heights (and we’re not just talking about the platform shoes).  Andrew introduced effeminized high-waited pants; accentuation of the hips and mid-section more so than the shoulders, extending ruffles from the torso to around the neck, and much more. Whereas, Zhou incorporated traditionally female wear into men’s style. The man likes a good pashmina. Also, MAN label released a whole line of man skirts for the 2014 fall collection.

The more traditional styles were seen in the Giorgio Armani, Oliver Spencer, and Louis Vuitton collections.

This is where I come to question the trend. I believe style is subjective to the person, meaning we can choose what we like to wear and keep that style over time. However, the rising trend of adrogenization is completely objective to consumption. I’ve noticed this trend a while back, even when I walk into general pants, I get confused by which section belongs to which gender. The change in neckline, material, and color has been completely altered in just a matter of years. Personally, I’m finding it hard to adjust to these new trends because of my enrooted ways. However, you cannot ignore fashion. What do you guys think? Embrace the new trend, or stick to the classics?



Patrick Eid is currently completing a Bachelor of Psychology (Honors) degree in hopes to become a Clinical Psychologist. He believes that style is subjective, and ensures that some clothing items are timeless, and will never go out of fashion. However, fashion as a whole, is constantly changing. Patrick’s area of expertise is advice. He will be discussing how to keep up with trends, grooming, relationships, and any other problem that daunts the 21st Century Gentleman.