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Goodbye Gumtree and, and hellooooo Alphatise! A game changer in the way we buy and sell online today, the revolutionary e-commerce marketplace finally places shoppers in the driver’s seat allowing them to have a say in what they pay.

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By bringing buyers and sellers together across the country, Alphatise currently offer a whopping 250 million products (and growing) to people like you and I at discounted prices.

However, here’s the catch: you set the price. The ball is finally in your court. You finally have a say in what you pay, instead of being bullied around by other online marketplaces that force you to pay well above your budget.

How does it work for buyers?

After playing around with the application for an hour, here is everything you need to know about this amazing new concept.

Let’s say you’ve been on the hunt for the new Sony PS4 for months now and you’re only willing to spend a maximum of $400. Simply open your Alphatise application and search for “Sony PS4”. Once you open the item, Alphatise allows you to make a “wish” on how much you are willing to pay.

Before you submit your wish, I recommend you click the stats section within the product, which gives you important information such as the current average wish value and the average offer value of the item. This will give you a clear understanding on how much you should set your wish price at on the product. If the average is $400, there’s no use submitting a wish for $300. Set your wishes relevant to the average offer value.

Now, once your wish is made, the retailer can then choose to send you an offer for the amount you requested, which you can simply choose to either accept or decline.

Another great feature Alphatise offers to its buyers is the discount wish. You simply set the percentage discount you are after on a certain brand, restaurant, hardware store and many other retailers. For example, if you’re after some Nike attire for the gym, you can set a discount wish of 20% or more on any Nike items advertised by retailers on Alphatise. If a seller lists a Nike product that is cheaper by 20% or more than the original retailed value, you are made an offer.

The beauty about Alphatise is that you can set as many wishes as you want across an array of products, which you can then filter through once sellers have made you an offer.

How does it work for sellers?

Ok, so now from a seller’s point of view. The greatest thing about Alphatise is that it allows you to see how much people are willing to pay for a product you wish to advertise. If you are a retailer with 10 Bose headphones, Alphatise will tell you that there are 10 people who are willing to pay $300 for a pair. Here, the seller can communicate directly with the 10 people and go ahead by making them an offer.

How to spread the word?

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.31.05 am

If you accept an offer, which in your eyes is an unbeatable deal, you can simply share the item across your social media profiles, informing your friends and family. On the other hand, if you wish to get the word across as quickly as possible, you can share offered items directly with friends allowing them to capitalise on the deal.

Personally, I think Alphatise is one of the greatest innovations available online. Through its ease of accessibility, user-friendly interface and forefront mechanic, Alphatise has changed the online commerce marketplace forever.

For all smartphone users out there, download the application HERE and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re still a little confused on the whole concept, check out this short video:

Here are a few screenshots to the Alphatise application in action from start to end:

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