An Afternoon at The Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton

Working on a project with a luxury Swiss watch maker, we needed a luxurious beachside location for our photo shoot. I had heard from a friend that the DoubleTree by Hilton on JBR had just opened its doors recently and is receiving quite the attention. After getting in touch with the guys at the hotel, they were more than happy to accommodate the crew and myself.

After a few hours of shooting around the hotel, pool and beach cabanas, it was finally time to eat! We were recommended by the hotel manager to try The Kitchen (located beside the pool), which consisted of an open buffet that would soon send me into a food coma.

The array of food was outstanding. From fresh sushi, to grilled fish and wide range of seafood, it’s not every day you come across a buffet of this quality. The dessert selection was just ridiculous. I spent a sold ten minutes in front of the huge chocolate fountain smothering pieces of pineapple, strawberry and marsh mellows in mouth watering melted chocolate.

Enough picturing everything, here are a few photos from The Kitchen that’ll definitely get your tummy rumbling.

Photos taken by Terrence of Image Freezer.










So if you’re after a lovely Saturday brunch with the family or friends, I high recommend The Kitchen at DoubleTree By Hilton. You will not be disappointed.

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