Basic Travel Essentials

Everyone, including myself, always has that gut feeling that they might’ve forget something when packing for their travels. To save you from having panic attacks and lower your stress levels a little, here are my essentials for when I travel.

Though, let’s face it, your passport should be number one of your list. Without it, you’re not going anywhere son.

1. Passport, passport, passport (and a little cash). Also, always print copies of your passport and place them in different bags you’re travelling with.

2. Writing Material by Ralph Lauren – Whether you want to keep a journal of your experiences abroad, or just want to brainstorm ideas for your next business venture, always carry a paper and a pen.

3. SoundTrue Headphones by Bose – When it comes to planes, crying babies are the only thing I don’t look forward to. Finally, that problem can be solved. All outside sound is eliminated with an epic pair of headphones, allowing you to finally sleep on the plane comfortably.

4. LEGRIA mini X Camcorder by Canon Middle East – The last thing you want is to get back from your travels and not have documented anything. Make sure you’re armed with a camcorder, which can take both videos and images when travelling. You’ll have stories and be able to relive memories for years to come.

5. MacBook Pro Retina 13″ Display by Apple – No, you should not bring your laptop to answer work emails. That’s the last thing you should be doing when enjoying your time overseas. But it’s always handy to keep a laptop handy incase of emergencies or when you’re just bored and hungover in your hotel room.

6. Sunglasses by RayBan – If you’re heading for a European summer, please make sure you’re travelling with a killer pair of shades. No one likes a squinter.

7. Uomo Fragrance by Valentino – Let’s face it, women love a gentleman who smells good. It gets them a little excited, we all know that. So if you’re off on a voyage around the world to bring back stories for the boys, make sure you’re equipped with a prominent scent.

8. Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator – After long flights, endless nights, hungover mornings and jet lag, you need something to freshen up your face.

9. Nokia Lumia 1520 – You need a phone that can do everything when you’re overseas. Take photos, access internet, update the blog, enter contact details and access emails.

10. Leatherback Writer by This Is Ground – You can always be a little messy when you’re travelling, especially a last minute person like myself. Make sure you have a passport holder that will allow you to keep everything in the once place, safe and in tact.

11. St. Andrew’s Timepiece by Daniel Wellington Watches – What’s the time?

12. Card Holder by Louis Vuitton – Again, all essential travel documents must be kept safe and in the one place. A cardholder is the way to go. From credit cards, identification and business cards, you’ll be able to have everything available at the one place.

12. Havana Bracelets by Monica Vinader – Add a little spice to your accessories and invest in some nice bracelets. They’ll go well with your watch.

13. Alexander McQueen Keyring – Just incase you’re planning to stay abroad in the one place for a while, make sure you have a keyring to keep everything at your fingertips.



Founder of SMF, Elias spends most of his time travelling the world, attempting to become the first Lebanese surfer and rocking the white pant + double breasted blazer combo.