Beat Stress

It’s 11pm on a Sunday Night, you’re on Facebook checking out those killer flicks from last night’s party. Suddenly, a mate from class pops up on chat and you read those six words that make your heart sink: “Finished the assignment for tomorrow yet?”

5 minutes and 37 curse words later, your blood pressure goes up, your heart starts racing and you start fearing the worst. Long story short, you’re stressed.

Stress can be a great motivator but can also make you want to curl up in a ball, sit in a corner and cry for your mother. So here’s how to avoid that:

1. Breathe. We both know that you don’t need to be told to breathe, but a few deep breaths can calm you enough to start dealing with the stress.


2. Break it up. Splitting up one huge task into a few smaller ones makes Mission Impossible feel like finding one of Blue’s Clues. Using the Pomodoro technique can help with this.


3. Break it down. No, not like MC Hammer. When we are stressed, we overestimate how hard stuff is. Take a second and think about it. That dude who eats glue got it done; it should be a breeze for you.

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 4. Set and setting. Set is all about your mindset. Positive mindset leads to positive results. Setting is about what’s around you. Put on some relaxing music (I’ve included to my personal favourite, click here), get rid of your phone, find somewhere quiet and get to work.


5. Remind yourself how boss you are. Because your brain unconsciously tries to align your thoughts with your actions, by thinking “I’ve got this”, “I am in control” and “I can do this”, your mind follows suit and eliminates stress. Take a second to remember that you are a boss.




A gentleman's mind is his greatest tool. I'm here to show you how and why.