Bespoke Tuxedo by Knot Standard

When I posted the image above on Instagram a couple of days ago, I endured dozens of friends and followers quoting “Bond…Elias Bond”. Made me chuckle a little, I won’t lie.

Following on from my introductory article on Knot Standard a couple of weeks ago, I can finally showcase my killer bespoke Madison Midnight Blue tuxedo.

Using only the best in Italian wool fabrics from Loro Piana, the guys at Knot Standard gave me the opportunity to create a masterpiece from scratch. I’ve always said to myself that if I ever were to tailor-make a Madison Midnight Blue tuxedo, it had to be so bloody incredible that it’d have people talking about it for months. And that’s exactly what I did.

When designing the suit, the KS crew gave me the opportunity to choose everything from scratch. From the style of the lapel to which fabric I wanted to use on the inside of the blazer, I handcrafted a magnificent suit; with their help of course. I was also given the opportunity to create monograms on the inside of the blazer. Nothing will ever better your name cursively written on the inside of a bespoke tuxedo blazer…nothing!

In regards to the car, I though the inclusion of the amazing Audi A5 Sportsback would set the rightful scene for the suit.

So without further ado, I present to you my bespoke Madison Midnight Blue tuxedo by Knot Standard.










Here I’m wearing:

Knot Standard Tailor-Made Navy Tuxedo from Loro Piana Wool – Create your own NOW!

Knot Standard Tailor-Made Wing-Tip collar Tuxedo Shirt – Design your own NOW!

Vintage Silk Bow Tie from Paris, France

Bared Footwear Oxygen Black Brogues ($289 – BUY)

Spektre Sunglasses – MAS Classic Tortoise with Blue Mirrored Lenses from FINAEST (€105 – BUY)




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