Boda Skins 2014 D in Black

Since its inception, Boda Skins has been characterized by its commitment to crafting timeless pieces for the modern tastemaker, translating classic wardrobe staples into luxurious must-have looks.

One of these must-have looks, my personal favourite, is the 2014 D leather jacket in black. The fit of this jacket is simply impeccable. Within seconds of throwing it on, you’ll realise the level of quality used in the fabrics. Something leather jacket nowadays lack.

When you buying a leather jacket, it can always be a little difficult. How do you actually know the leather is genuine and of top quality? Boda Skins has this covered from A to B. Nestled in the Turkish countryside, the Boda workshop serves as the birthplace of our iconic leatherware.

Committed to the use of traditional tanning methods, their skilled team of artisans expertly crafts each of our signature jackets from butter-soft Napa leather to create classic pieces with a modern edge, resulting in the perfect fit.

So when the guys gifted me with this killer jacket, I couldn’t but help rock the ideal outfit…plain tee, light denim and worn-out chucks.

Here is the full look shot at GQ Bar Dubai by Faisal Al-Zuwayed:






Here I’m wearing:

Boda Skins 2014 D in Black (£450 BUY)

TOPMAN White Roller Crew Neck T-Shirt (£8 BUY)

RES Denim Rail 76 Vintage Denim ($104.95 BUY)

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo ($90 BUY)

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