Breathtaking Horst Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum London

During my London visit in mid-September for the GQ British Designer’s Collective launch, I had the amazing opportunity of visiting the great Horst exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

A German-America, Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann, is one of the most recognised fashion photographers to date. When Horst moved to his apartment in 1937, he met Coco Chanel, whom he called “the queen of the whole thing”. He would photographer her fashions for three decades.

Here are a few of my favourite photos I managed to acquire the rights to share:

Feature photo – Horst directing fashion shoot with Lisa Fonssagrives, 1949. Photo by Roy Stevens/Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images


3. Summer Fashions American Vogue cover 15 May 1941
© Condè Nast Horst Estate


5. Salvador Dalis costumes for Leonid Massines ballet Bacchanale 1939
© Condè Nast Horst Estate


7. Marlene DietrichNew York 1942
© Condè Nast Horst Estate


8. Dress by Hattie Carnegie 1939
© Condè Nast Horst Estate


12. Muriel Maxwell American Vogue cover 1 July 1939
© Condè Nast Horst Estate

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