London’s Finest with Budd Shirtmakers

London is famed for the quality of its tailors so, it goes without saying, that it takes a lot to stand out from this particularly competitive crowd. One tailor who certainly sits at this top table goes by the name of Budd Shirtmakers, who operate out of Piccadilly Arcade on the west side of the city.

Budd were founded in 1910 and, somewhat remarkably, over a century later, still operate from the same small store in which their business operations began (the store you can see above no less). This is hard to believe in a day and age that is dominated by the high street but Budd have unequivocally and quite rightly let the quality of their wares speak for themselves.

Purveyors of bespoke dress shirts and accessories of unparalleled quality, Budd have carved out a reputation that spans considerably further than the mere confines of London.


Their two world class and classically trained tailors make regular trips to New York City because the reputation of Budd Shirts firmly precedes them and those on the other side of the Atlantic simply cannot do to be without their superb array of impeccably crafted wares.

Crafted from the finest quality materials that have been sourced from all over Europe and made by hand in the UK, you’ll immediately be able to tell the difference in quality the moment that you pull on a Budd shirt for the first time.


Exemplary craftsmanship is the call of the day with Budd Shirts and they remain one of the few tailors in London who still have a cutting room on their premises – situated on the floor above their store. It’s small touches like this that make Budd a London icon and bastions of style of which there are, lamentably, fewer and fewer remaining.

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