Cafè Gilli Firenze

By far one of the most popular cafès in Firenze (Florence), Caffè Gilli’s unites people from all over the world through their atmospheric hospitality month on end. I had the pleasure of dinning for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the cafè while traveling through Florence earlier in 2014 for Pitti Uomo.

It’s your typical Italian cafè and one that makes you stop in awe just to soak everything in. From their customer service, interior décor, quality of cuisine and rich Italian vibe, Caffè Gilli’s is by far my favourite cafè in Florence. I simply cannot wait to be back here next week!

Italians believe in a very structured meal. An entrèe usually made up of cold meats, cheese and wine, followed by two main course meals. Here is how my experience went however, I didn’t make it to the second main meal.

Cafe-Gillis-SMF-1 Cafe-Gillis-SMF-2

Scott Schuman, the genius behind The Sartorialist, has held many lunches at the cafè, inviting dapper gentlemen to share a communal gathering together to converse all things men’s fashion. His gatherings are known as the “Lunch for 25”.

So if you’re planning on traveling to Pitti Uomo in the future, or just Florence in general, be sure to pay Caffè Gilli’s a quick visit, and don’t be surprised if you find me there grabbing a quick coffee.



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