Lebanon Through The Lens of a Canon LEGRIA mini X

Before embarking on my 16-day holiday to Beirut, Lebanon, in search of sun, beer and nightlife, Canon Middle East strapped me up with a very handy camera that would not leave my side throughout my whole adventure.

Introducing the amazing Canon LEGRIA Mini X, where creative filming and amazing audio meets impeccable photography.

The LEGRIA Mini X is a creative camcorder that delivers professional quality audio alongside stunning HD video to match. Other than its faultless video quality capturing, the camera can take one killer of a fish eye styled photograph.

So when traveling through Lebanon, I decided to snap as many breathtaking photos as I could using the LEGRIA Mini X and this is what I came up with:

Hands down my favourite place in Lebanon – Pierre & Friends, Batroun




Tissues tied onto tree branches in hope prayers will come true – Saydet el Nourieh, Chekka


Chekka Bay from above, outside the old ruins of the Monastery – Saydet el Nourieh, Chekka


Selfie time – Saydet el Nourieh, Chekka


The most breathtaking waterfall in Lebanon – Afqa



Some mountain range we set sight on during our waterfall hunting –  Somewhere near Afqa


We stopped on the side of the autostrad to snap this beautiful sunset over Chekka Bay – Chekka, North Lebanon


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