Two-time Academy Award® Winning Director Ron Howard’s much anticipated movie RUSH will hit worldwide theaters in September. Set against the sexy and glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing, RUSH portrays the exhilarating true story of two of the greatest rivals the world has ever witnessed-handsome English playboy James Hunt played by Chris Hemsworth and his methodical, brilliant opponent, Niki Lauda played by Daniel Brühl.


Staying true to the times, the legendary eyewear brand Carrera is prominently featured in the movie. Niki Lauda’s character wears a pair of Carrera 80 sunglasses, a re-edition of the “best of Carrera sunglasses”, models that made history. These metal glasses epitomize the brand’s racing attitude, with their teardrop shape, combined with interchangeable polarized lenses, for high-quality vision in any light condition. The “Victory C® Logo” visible on the front is an unmistakable signature detail of the collection and a symbol of the brand’s timeless style.


James Hunt’s character wears a pair of teardrop-shaped injection-molded Carrera Speedway sunglasses, which stand out with their unique detail adorning the front and contrasting profiles on the front and temples.


Marlene Lauda, played by Alexandra Maria Lara, wears a pair of Carrera 16 steel/metal sunglasses, whose aviator-shaped frame is almost invisible, hidden behind the lenses, and is embellished with a double bridge bearing the embossed “C” logo on the front.

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