Coloured Suiting by Aquila

It’s not often you’d expect the word strong to be preceded by soft pink. Well, dusty pastel pink to be specific. But, that’s what we’re dealing with here. The latest release from Aquila is a gentle reinvention of the summer suit. It’s time to lose the graphic tees and cargo shorts and step into something sophisticated. While the very idea of wearing a suit during summer isn’t something you would jump at, sometimes there are occasions when coloured summer suiting is an essential.


What separates the summer suit from the thicker winter styles is its forgiving tailoring and colouring. Enter the Grant blazer and pant. It doesn’t hug your body like an overly attached girlfriend, but it still gives you the classic shape and sharp lines you’d expect from a suit. And whilst the dusty pastels don’t scream for attention, you shouldn’t confuse subtle for mute.


What you get from the Grant blazer and pant is what you need during the warmer months — a statement piece that doesn’t suffocate, making it the perfect choice for race days and those summer weddings. Wear it with a grey tie and a pair of Cutler burgundy monk straps for Spring Carnival or lose the tie when you’re heading to a rooftop bar for sunset drinks. All the while, wear it knowing you’ve made the transition from clueless teen, to modern gent.

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