A Healthy Well-Being with Decathlon Dubai

Decathlon, your personal style to well being, where everything sports related is available at your fingertips. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner in discovering a sport, Decathlon offers its customers a full range of products.


From fishing to cycling and even surfing, they have you covered for any sport. What will also make you feel a whole lot more comfortable, is the knowledge the Decathlon team has about the sport, its products and how to best fit them into your daily life. These guys aren’t your ordinary sales people, they are sports fanatics who have made it their duty to educate you.

So when the guys at Decathlon invited me to a one-on-one tour of the largest Decathlon Store in the Middle East, I was very intrigued about their offerings and locked in tour session.



Never played golf and don’t want to look like a goose swinging a club? Not a problem. Decathlon have their own golf driving range simulator with an instructor taking you through a step by step guide on how to hold a club, position your legs/back, and finally how to actually swing the club.


The guys at Decathlon explained to me their unique methodology behind the world renowned retailer. Let’s take basketball for example. If someone comes in and wants to begin playing basketball, they’re simply directed to the basketball section, where by the time they reach the end of the isle, they would’ve got their hands on everything from a basket ball, shoes, socks, shorts, shirts, sweat bands, air pump and all the other basketball essentials. What they’ll also do is, offer you different price ranges on each product allowing you to choose the quality you’re after.


At Decathlon, they want to make it as easy as possible for you to begin playing any type of sport. So they basically offer you every single thing you need to take that sport up. There’s no need for you to head to another store to purchase shoes, nor do you have to head elsewhere to purchase sports attire, you’ll simply walk out of Decathlon ready to hit the playing ground.


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