Discovering TAG Heuer’s New Collection Under Water

One of the most incredible experiences to date. I had the amazing opportunity of diving with thousands of marine life in The Lost Chambers at Atlantis Dubai for the launch of TAG Heuer’s new 2015 collection. Hoping I Don’t Crack Under Pressure, I plunged into the aquarium with a mission: to find all 10 TAG Heuer timepieces scattered across the aquarium bed.

Just to put it out there, the Lost Chambers Aquarium is the largest open air aquarium in the Middle East and Africa, and is home to 65,000 marine animals of all shapes and sizes and over 60 sharks. No biggie.

Brought up as a professional swimmer and coming from a seven-year lifeguard career, this was a piece of cake…until 4-5 foot sharks and stingrays begin following you.

Here are some epic shots taken by the team during my watch hunt:











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