Sick of Dry Skin After Every Shave?

Did you know a man will drag a razor across his skin almost 100 times during shaving? It’s no surprise skin can end up being dry, angry and super sensitive!

NEUTROGENA® have found the answer with a range of honest, easy-to-use products that will leave skin looking and feeling clear, healthy and clean without the expensive price tag.


NEUTROGENA® Men’s Skin Clearing Shave Cream: This oil-free, no foam formula provides a close shave and helps give you clear, healthy-looking skin. Clearing Shave Cream fights razor bumps, minimise ingrown hair and helps prevent breakouts. Unlike shave foams and gels, a thin layer is all you need. RRP: $7.99 

Ng_Men_TripleProtectFaceLotion copy

NEUTROGENA® Men’s Triple Protection Face Lotion SPF15: This non-greasy lotion works to soothe razor discomfort, and hydrate dry skin without clogging pores in just one easy step. It moisturises and prevents dryness to condition skin. It also reduces the apperance of fine lines and smoothes rough texture for healthier-looking skin. RRP: $13.99

Happy shaving!



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