Underwear by EQUMEN

To mark The Great Australian Underwear sale kicking off today, I reached out to the guys over at EQUMEN for some deeply needed comfortable underwear.


I, like most men, like compact underwear that’ll keep everything in the one place and not have your junk move around like socks in a dryer. Ok, I’ll make it clear from the start, I’m blogging about underwear here, meaning, I have the right to be as brutally straightforward as possible. I’m not going to sit here and blog about briefs that’ll have you attack your backside every minute or two like Rafael Nadal during a tennis match. I am here to discuss EQUMEN, openly and honestly.

To date, I’ve tested all three of my EQUMEN pairs: the briefs, trunks and long drunks, and God am I happy. No seriously, I’m very picky when it comes to underwear and couldn’t be happier that I finally own a few decent pairs.

Let’s face it, we men love comfortable underwear, just as much as we love lace lingerie. Yes you might be rocking a well tailored suit that’s cost you a couple thousand dollars and yes you might be walking in a pair of handmade Italian leather brogues, but if you don’t have a pair of comfortable briefs on, it’s game over!

Being a blogger and all, I really should’ve taken photos of myself in my EQUMEN underwear, but I’ll be honest, I’ve been in Dubai for almost three months now and I haven’t stopped eating Shack Shake ever since walking off that plane. So basically I’m far from being in shape at the moment. Then again, I might’ve been arrested if caught taking photos on the beach in these bad boys. So here are a well-chiseled EQUMEN models rocking the most comfortable underwear in town:


EQUMEN Precision Underwear Briefs (BUY)


EQUMEN Precision Underwear Trunks (BUY)


EQUMEN Precision Underwear Long Trunks (BUY)

Also, a more technical explanation of the benefits embedded in these amazing pieces of underwear from the guys at EQUMEN themselves:

Core Precision undergarments with built in physiotherapy and compression help gentlemen perform at their best. The performance compression wear allows for great improvements in posture, supporting of core, regulation of body temperature and visible streamlines.

For all things EQUMEN check our their Facebook page and Instagram profile!



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