ETRO SS17 Menswear Collection

ETRO delivered one of my favourite shows during Milan Fashion Week. Staying away from the seriousness of models walking down the runway, the brand’s head decided to give the entire menswear show a little twist. Each of the 45 gentlemen who showcases the new collection, possessed a unique and captivating story. From Freedom Speakers and Carpenters, to Athletes, Creative Directors and Architects, each “model” strolled down the runway with an ear-to-ear smile as they waved hello to the crowd.

Though, before all of this happened, ETRO began the show with one of the most captivating, hair raising intro-videos titled BLUE:

Here’s a video of the entire collection presented in Milan during Fashion Week:

Now, for a closer look at some of my favourite pieces, here is a selection of images from the runway:

ETRO-SS17-Menswear-SMF-1 ETRO-SS17-Menswear-SMF-2 ETRO-SS17-Menswear-SMF-3 ETRO-SS17-Menswear-SMF-4 ETRO-SS17-Menswear-SMF-5 ETRO-SS17-Menswear-SMF-6 ETRO-SS17-Menswear-SMF-7



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