Frosty Mornings & The Berluti Turtleneck

Some some odd reason, I tend to favour cold weather. So when IWC reached out and invited me to visit their manufacturer in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, I accepted on the condition that it would be during the cold Swiss weather!

Upon arriving in to Schaffhasen, our hotel, Alte Rheinmühle, was actually situated within a small piece of Germany territory that is completely surrounded by Swiss land, the only of its kind for that matter.

To battle the foggy, frosty morning, I had to slip into my super thick turtle neck, trousers and heavy-duty shoes, before making our way to Schaffhausen’s old town…down the road from our hotel, in Germany. Yes, I’m still amazed at the fact I was technically in two countries simultaneously while stepping on the “boarder”.

Photos by Remy Steiner | Getty Images for IWC

Here I’m wearing

Berluti Cashmere Blend Turtle Neck

Salvatore Ferragamo Cashmere Blend Chinos

Santoni Camouflage Print Lace Up Shoes

IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser Automatic (buy)



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