Get Psych’d

Quick look into cool psychological theories you might find interesting.

Pareidolia is the fancy name for seeing or hearing something significant in another vague stimulus.

No, that is not Jesus’ face in your sandwich. Or your taco. Or on your toast. We are hard wired to recognise faces using little information to help us decide what mood someone is in and act accordingly (like knowing your dad is angry, so deciding not to tell him about the bird you just knocked up).

Jesus on toast[11]

 Pareidolia isn’t just for faces though. As kids, I’m sure you looked up at the clouds and saw a lion or a dragon moving across the sky. I’ll give you one guess what the reason for that is. Give you a hint. It starts with P and rhymes with “shmareidolia”

OK, maybe not the best example.

Pareidolia works for sound too. If you listen to “This Life I Lead” backwards, is Tupac really telling us that he’s alive in Mexico, living it up with JFK and Biggie, or is your brain just having a bit of fun with you.  I don’t care what anybody says, I know where Tupac really is….playing goalkeeper for the Ivory Coast.

Forget “Above The Rim”, Pac should’ve been in “Goal”.



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