Taking the Sting out of Shopping Pt. 2

After the success our part 1 article to Taking the Sting out of Shopping experienced on the blog, we decided to put together another four new manoeuvres on getting through the excruciating ordeal.

We’re sure you gentleman will find more than one of the following tips handy on your next shopping adventure.



As briefly mentioned in Part One, whoever comes shopping with you needs to be brutally honest. What would you rather: being told by a friend in store that your outfit doesn’t work, or having the glamour at the bar do it for you? Know your body type, and dress accordingly. Remember, sales assistants, especially gorgeous ones, can be very convincing. Resist their feminine wiles, and stay on course.



You already hate shopping, so why make it harder than it has to be. I love my combat boots and fitted jeans, but shopping in them is a real bitch. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that are easy to take off, and put back on quickly. Lads, it’s just like when you’re fooling around with your girlfriend in her room and her parents come home – do what you were there for, and be prepared to make a speedy exit.

Don’t be too frugal


It’s not all about the money, but you get what you pay for. I’m not telling you to go out and spend $800 on a Thom Browne cardigan if it means you have to sell your liver to make rent. But spending a little extra on wardrobe staples i.e. suits, blazers, fitted pants and shirts and dress shoes, actually saves you money in the long run. Lets face it, a cheap suit opens up quicker than a wannabe Hollywood starlet on a casting couch. Buy one that costs a little more, so you can wear it a lot longer. Brands like Paul Smith and Hugo Boss are a great start. It’s also useful to buy about three or more, so they can be rotated and won’t wear out so quickly.



Just like consistently going to the gym becomes a habit, getting into a habit of shopping before you absolutely have to will make it seem less of a chore, and more of a lifestyle choice. You’ll also begin to notice the fruits of your labour almost instantly. Take stock of what you have in your wardrobe, and if you notice a deficiency, or something that needs to be replaced i.e. anything bedazzled, then address it. Get into a habit of reading fashion blogs and magazines, make them part of your morning ritual when you wake up, or get into the office. We live in an age where almost everything is attainable online (just ask the guy who created The Silk Road), so simplify your life, shake your aversion to shopping, and realise it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Edited by J.H.



Patrick Eid is currently completing a Bachelor of Psychology (Honors) degree in hopes to become a Clinical Psychologist. He believes that style is subjective, and ensures that some clothing items are timeless, and will never go out of fashion. However, fashion as a whole, is constantly changing. Patrick’s area of expertise is advice. He will be discussing how to keep up with trends, grooming, relationships, and any other problem that daunts the 21st Century Gentleman.