Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Perfume

For all those who might be thinking that the ideal male human being doesn’t exist, Guerlain has the solution. It lies in the formula of its new fragrance for men: L’Homme Ideal.

Within the pack waits the bottle – square, facetted and streamlined, luxurious, radical matte black lacquer side faces.,a decidedly masculine, heavy cap that is also matte and borrows its guilloché detailing from the world of watchmaking. However, just because men aspire to fly does not mean that they scorn their roots (they are smart, remember), so look a little closer: that’s right, the shape of this bottle is also a nod to legendary “habit rouge”.


All those who nuzzle their nose against the ideal man’s neck will have the chance to savour a series of three accords: smart, handsome and strong.

THE INTELEGANCE of a sparkling and perfectly fresh top note, a match for the lively mind of the owner of the fragrant neck. The citrus fruit bring the tangy, dynamic side; rosemary lends an aromatic touch, while orange blossom adds a breath of romanticism.

THE BEAUTY of an incredibly sensual “amaretto” heart note based on an almond – tonka bean duo, to which our perfumer has added ingredients that remain a secret… Along with a vanilla trail for its softness, lusciousness and stirring warmth.

THE STRENGTH of a woody leather base note to firmly establish the chosen one’s masculinity. To give it strength and hold, the fragrance has been structured around woody notes: Indian vetiver, cedar and leather given a contemporary interpretation. The final olfactory message is clear: we are in the presence of someone distinguished, virile and refined.

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In a very masculine style, almond rests on a solid, decidedly modern structure of woody notes. But L’homme Idéal is also explosive and sparkling when the almond accent bursts forth through fresh, citrus aromatic top notes. These accords create a subtle balance, offering a nuanced, emotional scent.

The emotion aroused by the fragrance is that of meeting the ideal man.



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