Handmade by Hobes

Handmade |’han(d)’mãd | – adj – Made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality.

Introducing Hobes.

Hobes have become renowned for offering simply styled footwear with a classic and timeless appeal. Embracing a back to basics ethos, Hobes offer a range of key trans-seasonal footwear designed to take you everywhere and anywhere.

Handmade with traditional Italian techniques and using only the finest grade natural fibres available, each pair of Hobes packs down into a small linen bag weighing between 200-300g.

So light to pack, seriously soft to wear on long haul flights, ultra comfortable for miles of city exploring and guaranteed to keep you looking sharp wherever you’re off to – Hobes are a the seasoned travellers ideal companion!

Here I’m wearing the men’s Boat Hobe in Midnight (RRP: $159 – click to buy)

IMG_2641 copy

IMG_2650 copy

IMG_2667 copy 2

IMG_2668 copy

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