Harley Davidson HD Sportster XL1200 CA

If looks could kill, the new Harley Davidson HD Sportster XL1200 CA should be tried for murder!!!

That’s how stunning HD has managed to make this bike look. Having seen & ridden the beauty, I can safely say that when it comes to fat custom bikes, it’s hard to better Harley Davidson. What they have done here is cleverly combine the big, fat image of custom cruisers and raw, untamed charisma of the previous Sportsters. This combination seamlessly aids the audacious styling, deft handling and compelling feel of American V twin performance overall.

The first thing you won’t fail to notice is the chunky look. The beefy front wheel with the 16inch 5 spoke cast aluminum under the muscular triple clamp front end is destined to leave an impression wherever you ride. The ‘in your face’ wheels are a vital part of custom bikes and the wide steel laced wheels in this Sportster spins reflections all around giving it a custom pedigree image. The bulgy hand finished fuel tank (all HD fuel tanks are hand finished) is a standout in this bike. Subtle is nowhere a subtext when it comes to describing the aura this bike exudes and hence the rear red LED’s is no exception. These fast acting red LED’s is sure to turn heads around the city be it day or night. Like the HD NightRod, the hand controls are super intuitive in the Sportster. The turn indicators are self cancelling .i.e. they know when to turn off based on the speed and angle of the bike. With HD renowned attention to detail, the black & chrome finish to the engine gives the bike an iconic, old V-twin look.


Now let’s talk about performance. Ever since the Evolution® Engine was made back in 1984, it has been a pioneer in displacement innovation while not compromising in power or endurance. The 1200cc Evolution® Engine is yet another feather in the HD hat. To enhance air-cooling efficiency and to lighten the load of the bike, aluminum heads & cylinders have been used. The rubber mount on the engine almost manages to considerably reduce the vibrations which has been a long standing issue of Sportsters and I repeat almost. On a straight line dart, I touched the 100 km/hr in 4.7 seconds. Not bad for a sportster some would say, but it’s the ease at which you reach it is impressive. The engine doesn’t groan and moan while you are accelerating. The feel of the ride does feel a bit top heavy, I guess it’s because of the large 4.5 gallon tank & the more-pulled back bars.

The XL 1200 Custom Limited Edition A comes in a Candy Orange/ Beer bottle graphical color scheme. Drag style handle bars with chrome mid mounted controls summarize this uber cool retro Sportster. This is a perfect bike for any novice or amateur biker mainly for its eye popping attitude and superb handling.

Price (as tested) – AED 57,900



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