Honolulu, Hawaii, in a Nutshell

Honolulu, Hawaii – Another place I had the chance to finally tick off my bucket list. Hawaii has it all, from culture and historical landmarks to world class luxury retail stores and breathtaking views.


Diamond Head (the far mountain in the picture above) is an inactive Volcano and Hawaii’s most recognized landmark. I highly recommend you take a hike and make your way to the top of the volcano, as the view is well worth the sweat and muscle aches!


Ohh what a feeling.. Haw-aii! Booking a tour is a must! A great opportunity to mingle and get to know meet new people. The pack are all led by hilarious and entertaining tour guides (I was lucky enough to get a cute one too), that guide you on an adventure to all the best spots on Oahu. That cone shaped island in the background is known to the locals as Chinaman’s Hat.


Swim with the Turtles at Turtle Beach and watch them crawl up to the sand, even though they might take a while to get there. But cut them some slack, it isn’t easy carrying that shell on your back 24/7.


The Cheesecake Factory (one of my favourite places to eat) have the most delicious Cheesecakes you’ll ever taste! They are landmarks of their own. I know you want one, stop salivating.


Learn how to surf or canoe at Waikiki Beach. A great experience to soak in the Hawaiian culture with real Waikiki beach boys showing you a great time and teaching you all their secret techniques.
Fun fact: Most of the sand on the beaches was imported from Australia!


A holiday isn’t complete without capturing its Sunset…or in some cases, Sunrise 😛


The best thing about this place is that it is hot all year round. Even in winter you’ll find yourself tanning and sipping on amazing cocktails by the pool. But it will give you a scare when it spontaneously begins to rain out of the blue. Don’t stress though, after every storm comes a rainbow…or two!


“A hui hou kakou, Me ke Aloha. Nakali”
Until we meet again, with love. Natalie



Hi all, my name is Natalie. I’m an aspiring interior designer who loves to travel, with a mind like a shutter and eyes like a lens. I would definitely say I’m addicted to the distance! I hope my adventures inspire you to buy a ticket and create your own. I haven’t been everywhere though, but it’s on my life!