Hosting the Hackett London Yas Mall Store Opening

To celebrate the new Hackett London store opening at Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, I teamed up with the brand to host an adrenaline filled night inspired by motorsports.

Kicking off the night, guests, VIP’s, media and friends of the brand were invited to refreshing cocktails and light canapés as they scouted the new store and its beautiful Fall Winter collection. If you were up for the challenge, there was also a Formula 1 simulator that gave everyone a chance to virtually experience what it’d be like to be in the seat of an F1 driver. Let me tell you, this simulator wasn’t easy!

Now for the exciting part of the night! Formula 1 professional driver, Felipe Massa, made an appearance to the store opening, where avid and loyal fans were waiting patiently. Felipe spent some time chatting with everyone, snapping photos, signing memorabilia pieces and answering a few interview questions by Sky News and Sport360.

Here are a few snaps from the night:

Felipe Massa and myself during the event.

Felipe Massa and myself during the event.

Dressed in Hackett London's Fall Collection.

Dressed in Hackett London’s Fall Collection.

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