A Night at Hyatt Place Dubai / Al Rigga

For sometime now, we’ve contemplated venturing into the hotel review realm, but we were a little hesitant. Though after realizing the huge jump in people traveling abroad every year and how much travellers rely on hotel reviews/recommendations, we thought we’d begin our reviewing hotels, resorts and get aways to help you guys make planning a trip, a piece of cake.

Since Emirates acquired such a prominent name in the airline industry, Dubai has literally become the center of the world. You’ll most probably stop over in the Emirate at least once during the next five years of travel. And with every Dubai visit, comes a mandatory eight hour lay over that’ll force you to head out and explore the amazing city. But being renowned as such a breathtaking destination, you’ll change the eight hour layover to a week long holiday.

With a couple of days in Dubai now on your agenda…where do you stay?

Introducing the Hyatt Place Dubai/Al Rigga situated smack bang in the middle of Dubai, making it as convenient as possible for you to get everything. Approximately 10 minutes from the airport in one direction and 15 minutes from the Burj Khalifa in the other. We were invited by the hospitable hotel for a night’s stay, where we accepted graciously…then again, who can say no to a complimentary hotel room.

Exterior day

Upon arriving at the hotel’s driveway, we were greeted by their lovely valet staff who insisted in helping us with our luggage and have our car parked in their private lot. Once checking in, the concierge informed us of all the hotel’s facilities, rooms, breakfast/lunch/dinner timings and whether we’d like to book in an extended check-out timing, which we chose of course.


Meeting room, U-shape

After our swipe passes were handed to us, we headed straight up to our room and changed into something a little more comfortable before heading to the pool for a well deserved cocktail and relaxation time. This was one huge bedroom though! A spacious bathroom and shower as well as a comfortable L-shaped couch, a working desk in case you need to send a few emails or work on a couple blog posts and a spacious wardrobe to place all your suits and shoes. A compact layout entailing everything you need for a comfortable stay.

King room


Swimming pool night

Having pigged out the whole week with ridiculously fatty foods, I promised myself I would hit the gym at the hotel. We all know that never happen, so I’m not going to lie and say I did. I did however, swing past to see what all the fuss was about with people always getting off at the gym level every time I stepped into the elevator. I’ll let this picture speak on my behalf…


After heading out for a crazy night in Dubai, we arrived back at the room during the early hours of the morning before hitting the sack. We requested an 9am wake up call so we could make the breakfast buffet. After multiple phone calls, we were finally up and on our way downstairs to devour anything in our sight. The breakfast consisted of a wide variety of cereals, pastries, juices and hot beverages. Oh, and of course the big English Breakfast styled dishes such as scrambled eggs, sausages, grilled tomato and mushroom along with my favourite, bacon! After a solid three plates, I was ready to enter a food coma.

Breakfast Photo


All in all, our stay at Hyatt Place Dubai / Al Rigga was a very enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing stay at the hotel.


Price – $$ (550AED a night on average)
Sleeping Quality – ★☆
Location – ★☆
Service – ★☆
Value – ★★
Rooms – ★☆
Cleanliness – 

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