Jimmy Choo AW 2016/17 Mens Footwear Collection

With a strong British influence, especially around the Military, Sandra Choi delivered one of the most cementing Jimmy Choo men’s footwear collection!

Consider the rigidly-defined finery of ceremonial military attire; a precisely ordered parade of golden frogging, richly coloured velvet, and spit-polished leather. For Autumn Winter 2016, Sandra Choi has hacked deep into the codes of masculine footwear, then spiked them with verve, colour, and dash. The result is a collection built for subversive elegance – a foot-borne foundation from which any man can construct a new attitude whilst tipping his hat to the style of his forefathers.  

Here are some of my favourite styles from the brand’s presentation during Milan Fashion Week:

canestraro-1022 canestraro-1047








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