LG SIGNATURE Moves Forward by Going Back to Basics

The LG SIGNATURE TV goes back to basics with a set of aesthetically designed home appliances that target those who seek “Excellence” and “Perfection” with their refined senses. This collection is not only ultra-premium, but highly advanced.

In a five part article series, I will be taking a closer look into each of the products and how they fit perfectly in our daily lives. To kickstart the LG SIGNATURE series, I introduce the incredibly thin LG SIGNATURE TV.

This state-of-the-art TV has removed all the elements that distract from viewing and listening. The not so bulky design merges perfectly with the wall, allowing you to immerse yourself in a picturesque reality. The supreme image quality is revealed only on Perfect Black created by the LG SIGNATURE TV’s self-lighting pixels.

It is also designed for those who recognise the value of truly premium audio. With up-firing speakers to enhance sound diffusion for smoother high-pitch and low-pitch audio, the Dolby Atmos delivers each object’s unique sound in three-dimensional space for full immersion.

With support for both Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos®, the LG SIGNATURE TV is the first of its kind by presenting you with a cinema-like premium experience in the comfort of your home with the superior picture and sound quality.

Learn more about the LG SIGNATURE collection here!



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