LG SIGNATURE Utilizes the Power of Water to Purify the Air

Exquisitely designed for the region’s most discerning consumers, the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier fosters a new sense of refreshment with its ultra-premium look and feel combined with its state-of-the-art technology purposefully built to protect individuals from allergens whilst beautifying its surrounding environment.

Dust – available in abundance across the region – is just one of the many triggers that causes allergies within children and adults and one of the primary requisites to avoid such health concerns is to keep the quality of air indoors clean.

The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier was not only designed to be aesthetically pleasing and enhance the interior décor to compliment the lavish lifestyles of the most discerning customers, but was also engineered to ensure that it protects users, their family and loved ones from the surrounding environment.

The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier’s watering engine rotates at a high speed powerfully and infuses moisture into the air to create the optimal humidity level. The PM 1.0 Black Filter detects and removes ultra-fine dust particles in the air. With its advanced durability-enhancing design, the PM 1.0 Black Filter can be reused. Furthermore, complete with Plasmaster Ionization, all air passed through this air purifier is able to achieve full sterilization at the highest level.

he LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier comes standard with an innovative semi-permanent filter system which means it can be washed and used again for up to 10 years. Furthermore, the water bucket was designed to be filled easily without being detached to further elevate the convenience realized by users.

Two other features that showcase the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier’s efficiency is the UV LED and Smart Drying functions. By Ultra Violet light, water in the bucket is sterilized before being sprayed to guarantee perfectly clean humidification. Also when the humidification has stopped, the air purifier automatically dries its filters in order to prevent virus and bacteria from developing.

Equipped with SmartThinQ, users now also have the freedom to check and control their air purifier, no matter where they are. LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier owners can start or stop the ultra-premium home appliance whilst also being able to customize the mode – Purity, Silent, Humid – and speed – Low, Mid, High.

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