Listen For Yourself by Bose

Styling a pair of killer headphones with your favourite outfit can always be a little tricky. When you feel like rocking a pair, what can/can’t you actually wear? What size is appropriate for each outfit? And which headphone brand should you choose?

One word: Bose.

Bose has just introduced the most stylish collection yet, the SoundTrue around-ear headphones. You can finally throw on a single pair of headphones for any outfit you feel like rocking. Whether you choose to wear a suit, tweed blazer + white pant combo or even relaxing Nike sportswear, the SoundTrue headphones have you covered.

The head-band hugs your skull comfortably and securely, leaving no room for them to come swinging off at the slightest of movements. Each speaker perfectly encloses each ear, with the inside of the speakers covered in an amazing red/black pattern material, giving the SoundTrue headphones that distinctive stylish touch.

Other than the headphone’s unique fashionable style, the impeccable sound quality of the new Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones are designed with you in mind. They’re engineered to make all your music sound better, delivering deep, clear audio for all your favourites.


They’re so lightweight and comfortable; you might forget you’re wearing them. But they’re heavy-duty too, built to survive your busy life. They’re available in around-ear and on-ear styles and feature an array of fresh new designs.

So choose your fit…and show your style just like I have:





Here, I went with the relaxing Nike themed outfit, which in my eyes, is the ideal outfit: comfortable runners, tracksuit pants and a light tee, all paired with a killer set of SoundTrue around-ear headphones. At last, we can finally experience enjoyable headphones with our favourite outfits!


Bose Australia is currently holding a killer giveaway. You could win a $20,000 grant to support the development of your unique talent. All you have to do is head over here and submit a demonstration of your talent. A winner will be selected weekly, before the competition closes on 17th September for final judging.



Buy the new Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones for $229 HERE!


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