LYNX Hairstyling

I have to hand it to them, every LYNX‘s television commercials in the past couple of years have been absolutely hilarious. They have firmly positioned themselves in the market after recognising and targeting a specific audience segment. The “chick-magnet-wannabe” segment.

Personally, I think their marketing is brilliant, and as a teenager, only every used LYNX Africa. With an extensive variety of deodorant sprays, LYNX also has a phenomenal range of hairstyling products including gels, waxes and sprays. Whether you’re after a normal, messy or wet look, they have you covered. They’ve even introduced a product called “Hot Night Proof“, that’s sweat and water resistant allowing for your hairstyle to remain in tact throughout the course of your crazy night.

I’ve been bald for a couple of years now due to my thick sheep-like hair, however when I did have longer hair, it took me a solid month to find the right product that allowed me to style my stubborn hair the way I wanted to. With LYNX‘s hairstyling products climbing up the popularity ranks, I’m starting to consider growing my hair to a decent length worth styling.

Check out the entire LYNX Hairstyling range HERE!



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