Massimo Dutti at The Dubai World Cup 2015

Earlier this month I teamed up with Massimo Dutti out of Dubai to help launch their new equestrian range at the Dubai World Cup 2015, the Middle East’s biggest horse racing event.

It’s the day women flaunt their colourful dresses and extravagant headpieces, while the lads pull out the good old suit and wipe the dust off their dress shoes. Though, there’s the potential. All men usually dress the same at the races, then you have the odd hooligans wearing rainbows (like this goose below).


With the aid of Massimo Dutti’s impeccable new collection, we wanted to encourage gentleman to gain the confidence and step outside of their comfort zone. Try new colours, materials and cuts. Mix and match linen blazers with different coloured pants. Wear slim, silk and even knitted ties as opposed to the standard black tie.



So to get into the spirit of things, Massimo Dutti invited me to head in store and style an entire equestrian inspired outfit to wear to the Dubai World Cup. Here’s the final product…




Here I’m wearing:

Massimo Dutti Textured Linen Blazer (995 AED/$271 – buy)

Massimo Dutti Slim-Fit Structured Shirt with Elbow Patches (275 AED/$75 – buy)

Massimo Dutti Slim-Fit White Pants

Massimo Dutti Horizontal Stripped Tie (275 AED/$75 – buy)

Massimo Dutti Pattered Silk Pocket Square (145 AED/$40 – buy)

Tod’s Gimmino Driving Shoe in Leather

So do yourself a favour and explore the new Massimo Dutti range at their Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Mall store.



Founder of SMF, Elias spends most of his time travelling the world, attempting to become the first Lebanese surfer and rocking the white pant + double breasted blazer combo.