Maurice Lacroix Official FC Barcelona Watch Partner

Maurice Lacroix is delighted to announce a three-year partnership with FC Barcelona as the “FC Barcelona Official Watch Partner”

Dynamic Swiss watch brand, Maurice Lacroix, is pleased to announce a three-year partnership agreement with FC Barcelona – quite simply the world’s most prestigious football club with a global fan base of over 300 million people and 100 million social media followers. Becoming the “FC Barcelona official Watch Partner” represents a landmark in the history of Maurice Lacroix. through this innovative partnership, Maurice Lacroix and FC Barcelona will join in facilitating access to the world of high-quality Swiss luxury for football fans and watch aficionados alike.


Through this outstanding partnership, FC Barcelona and Maurice Lacroix aim to remain close to their fans, speak the same language, and offer every one of them a high-quality Swiss luxury product. an affordable “fan’s” watch will provide an entry-level opportunity for Swiss timepiece ownership.






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