Maurice Lacroix x Baselworld

After viewing the amazing Breitling timepieces earlier this week, it is now time to discover Maurice Lacroix‘s new watches, which will be presented at the Baselworld 2014 Fair in Switzerland.

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The Masterpiece Gravity
The Masterpiece Gravity inspires and challenges convention. It is a contemporary timepiece, at the cutting-edge of progress, that does not merely convey time but emotionally engages with the wearer with creative expression. It presents its oscil- lator and assortment centre stage on the dial side of the watch. The spectacle of seeing the oscillator beating, along with the pallet lever moving, is very entertai- ning and emits an attractive force.

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The Masterpiece Mystery
The Masterpiece Mystery depicts time in a linear form. A twin-tipped seconds hand, baton-like in form, traverses a solid disc, appearing to float and move in an almost balletic motion. Each tip of the seconds hand waits in turn to share the responsibility for imparting time.

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The Pontos S Supercharge
Many timepieces are bought by individuals who wish to express their own personalities with bright and youthful styling cues. this latest bold timepiece from Maurice Lacroix, the Pontos S Supercharged, is a good-looking watch that fuses contemporary aesthetics and sporty lines. Presented in a large, 48mm diameter case, the Pontos S Supercharged makes a strong statement about its wearer. this is a cool timepiece, a street-racer, made for those who seek performance in all aspects of their lives.




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