McLaren by S.T.Dupont Collection Launch

S.T.Dupont and McLaren launch their Limited Edition collaboration at the Dubai Autodrome.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend the McLaren by S.T.Dupont collection launch in one of the Autodrome’s pit garages, where the setting was completely transformed for the reveal of the collection.



Then came the fun. I given the opportunity to have an exclusive ten-minute ride in the McLaren 650S supercar driven by professional McLaren conductors.





Before I knew it, I was strapped into the ferocious beast. After cruising at an average of 100 km/h during the first lap, this guy took it up a notch and started taking corners at 120km/h, before hitting a top speed of 280km/h on the straight. It was an incredible, adrenaline filled experience. If only they trusted me behind the wheel…then again, I probably wouldn’t be here.

The McLaren by S.T.Dupont collection has a contemporary design and is made of carbon leather, an innovative material which makes the pieces both light and robust. This collection is also accessible to Grand Prix lovers. It is made up of a range of leather goods identical to what world champions and McLaren stars Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button will have: a backpack, a pilot case and a card holder for six credit cards.






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