The All New LG G5

The LG G5 and Friends, a new mobile ecosystem which the world has never experienced before is now available with a set of innovative companion devices to truly change the conception towards mobile devices. Equipped with the best-in-class specifications and offering experiences beyond expectations, the LG G5 and Friends – a collection of attachable modules, adorns the coveted title for being the world’s first revolutionary modular smartphone.

The LG G5 is here to present a new paradigm within the smartphone ecosystem. The consumer insight in the human instincts sphere, proves people indulge in activities they enjoy and who does not like to play? So, imagine having a phone that you can play with! The LG G5 intends to create a playground where people awaken their play instincts and experience how brilliant and vibrant a life full of play can be.

Premium design

Encased in a sleek metal aluminum body design and smoothly curved edges, the LG G5’s Modular type full metal unibody allows various modules to be physically attached to the phone as well as slide out batteries even in case of swapping a depleted battery for a fully charged one in seconds.

The 3D Arc Glass featured in the smartphone’s 5.3-inch display creates a gentle curve and a smooth metal surface using microdizing process which takes anodized aluminum to a whole new level. The phone’s insulative antenna is invisibly integrated into the body without disrupting the seamless look of the metal unibody.


The LG G5’s display features Day Light mode, which offers excellent outdoor visibility. The Day Light mode automatically detects light conditions and increases the brightness of the display so that you can check the screen while your eyes are adapting to the brighter environment.

With the convenient and intuitive ‘Always-on’ Display (AoD) showing date, time and event notifications at all times, the G5’s ultra-low power display technologies are designed by LG to minimize power consumption.

LG G5 Infographic

Fresh experiences

Offering an enhanced audio/visual experience, LG G5’s 135 degree wide angle lens camera not only enables world’s first zoom-out of the smartphone camera, it also fully captures the entire field of vision. The LG G5 CAM Plus on the other hand delivers a DSLR-like grip and stability while taking photos/videos while the 360 CAM captures a scene in 360-degrees.


While creating a revolution within the smartphone industry, the LG G5 enables users to add such features and is opening a new platform open to everyone who’d like to join a new ecosystem: the LG Playground! The LG Playground is a system where various modules and devices are produced through collaboration giving users unique fun experiences.

LG Friends

To make it more convenient and fun to use, the LG G5’s easy-to-connect and control options enable all modules and devices are connected and controlled by an app: LG Friends Manager. The users can choose and control all LG Friends to create a holistic smartphone experience.



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