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We all know that wearing a suit can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. However, the power in a suit does not rest solely on the statement it makes, but on its versatility. In the interests of comfort, dressing down a suit will make you forget you’re wearing one, without losing any of its appeal. Take the classic Aquila Jones pants and jacket in royal blue, paired with an Aquila Arkin shirt in red – the suit is brave, whilst the shirt brings everything neatly together. Here are three ways you can make the transition from traditional suiting to modern tailoring:

1) Tee under blazers

It’s as simple as replacing your business shirt with either a plain, striped or printed tee. The tee will give you a little more room for movement and will allow your body to breathe. As for footwear, throw on a pair of Aquila 58123 in brown. If you’re after a more formal look, Aquila Cutler in burgundy is highly recommended.


2) Separates

Mixing and matching your pants and blazer can always be a little fun and helps to add a casual edge to your outfit. Brown tweed blazers are ideal for navy or beige pants, and are paired perfectly with Aquila Clapton in brown or tan. Rocking unique and colourful patterned blazers and even pants such as the Wolfe Check Suit will definitely give you an edge over the rest at Friday night’s bar.


3) Fully buttoned shirts with no tie

This is the trickiest look to pull off by far, because if done incorrectly, it can look like you haven’t finished getting dressed, or worse, like your mum dressed you. When rocking the fully buttoned shirt with no tie, make sure you stick with a bold suit and plain shirt. The last thing you want to do is overcomplicate the outfit. Keep it simple and tidy and ensure you’re well-groomed.


See the Aquila lookbook for our new season’s range of men’s tailoring.

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