New Year Resolutions with Yellow Pages

Remember when back in the day, if we needed something, searching through those big yellow books? Parents would call the Yellow Pages the directory bible.

But for those of us who spend half our time online, from my opinion Yellow Pages has one of the most user-friendly websites. With ease of navigation across the website, the digital gurus at Yellow Pages capitalised on the millions of searches made in January, to suggest that Aussies are beginning to complete their tasks in the New Year. Yes, in other words we’re working towards ticking off our “New Year’s Resolutions”. No wonder Yellow Pages experiences a record number of searches at the start of the year.

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Yellow Pages.

Ok, yes the majority of our New Year’s Resolutions fail epically, even mine, with studies clocking a staggering 88% failure rate. Yellow Pages’ research have our back with their data showing that we are still using this time of year to be productive in other ways. Hey, if I’m achieving something that’s beneficial to myself, that’s achieving a New Year’s Resolution! So let’s cut ourselves some slack and continue doing what we’re doing.

The New Year is a great time of the year for everyone. Aussies are keen to get a fresh start to the year, and the Yellow Pages’ study has shown a bunch of interesting things. NSW residents are searching for rubbish removals after chanting “New Year, New Me” a dozen times in December. Air conditioning and refrigerators searches are through the roof with the Australian temperature soaring, forcing everyone to stay cool. However, not only is it a great time for ourselves, but also for our four-legged friends, with studies showing that 35 per cent more searches for veterinary surgeons are happening in NSW in January, more than the state annual average.

So it’s simple; Yellow Pages is a great place to start in the New Year. All you have to do is simply visit their website at Yellow Pages, plug in a business or service you’re after along with your suburb/local area and voila, and an entire list of results awaits you. My personal favourite is the “Restaurants” search results, which also provides you with real reviews by fellow Yellow Pages users. Brilliant! Begin tackling your New Year’s Resolutions with Yellow Pages now.

 So give it a shot. Let me know if the new Yellow Pages website has helped you achieve any of your New Year’s Resolutions in the comments section below!



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