Neymar Jr. and Nike Introduce Gold Hypervenom Special Edition

It is only fitting that after inspiring Brazil to victory with two goals in last night’s match against Cameroon, Neymar Jr. should have his Nike golden boots launched today.


As a football-obsessed 12 year-old in the Brasilian coastal city of Santos, Neymar Jr. would spray paint his football boots gold and now Nike has created a stunning new gold version of the Brasilian star’s Hypervenom boots for him to wear during the rest of the tournament.

The original Hypervenom Phantom boot was launched by Neymar Jr. in Rio de Janeiro in May 2013 and made an immediate mark when he lit up his home country in the Confederations Cup.

“When we met with Neymar he told us that when he was 12 he used to spray paint his boots gold. He said that he always wanted a pair of gold boots but that he couldn’t find them anywhere. So we took that insight and decided this summer would be the perfect moment to create this boot for him,” said Denis Dekovic, Nike Football Design Director.

“The biggest challenge was getting the gold tone perfect so it had the right spray-painted look,” Dekovic said. “We worked closely with Neymar to get it as close to how he remembered the color when he would apply it as a kid. We’re all delighted with the results and can’t wait to see it on pitch.”

This special version of the Hypervenom Phantom features a unique sock-liner detail of a gold spray paint can and the Hypervenom boot graphic.

Neymar_Jr_and_Nike_Introduce_Gold_Hypervenom_Special_Edition_2 copy

The Nike Football design team created the Hypervenom by first looking at trends among strikers in today’s game.

“The Nike Hypervenom is a response to the way the game is changing. Players want to be quicker, not just in a foot race, but quicker with the ball at their feet in small spaces. They need to create chances from nothing. The Hypervenom was designed to help combat today’s faster defenders by allowing strikers that extra split-second in the box,” said Dekovic.

The boot will be available on from June 26th.



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