Ocsober – Free Will Power

We all have this great power inside us; it’s called will power.

Will power can make us do absolutely anything we put our minds to. So this coming Ocsober, I’m going to use my will power for a great cause called Ocsober.

Care to join? If you say yes, you’ll be saying no to alcohol for 31 days during Ocsober and instead, helping raise money for Life Education programs that help kids find and use their own will power.

We’ve all been helped by Life Education at one stage in our life, but happened so long ago that we’ve most likely forgotten. Let me refresh your memory. Remember the big yellow truck that would visit schools across the country alongside the big yellow friendly giraffe, Healthy Harold, teaching us to stay clear of all junk and fatty foods? Ring a bell? I thought so.

So now it’s time to give back to Life Education after years of support and help spread the word about Ocsober. Help the next generation of Australian kids by raising funds that will empower our young ones to make healthier and safer choices as they grow up.

We all want a safer, healthier and prosperous future for our young Australians, so find that will power and join me on an alcohol-free month. Not only will you be supporting a tremendous cause, but you will also be setting an amazing example to everyone around you.

Not only will I be participating in Ocsober, but so will Steve Willis a.k.a the Commando, Angry Anderson the hilarious rock singer and Ahmed Kelly our courageous paralympian. Check out the full list of Ocsober Ambassadors who will also be participating in this amazing fundraiser…HERE!

Finding your own will power can be a little difficult at first. When I first started SMF Blog, I needed to unravel my will power to prove everyone who doubted my vision. Will power is about having that sheer determination to focus and believe in a dream that no one else can see but you. So after revealing to everyone that I had started a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog, no one had originally backed me on the blog idea and believed I couldn’t achieve such an accomplishment, being a young normal dude from the Western suburbs of Sydney. With the mission to create one of the most inspiration blogs in the country, I found my will power and used it to push myself forward on a daily basis. It helped me educate myself, listen and learn from my mistakes as well as think outside the box when it came to being a little spontaneous with my next blog collaborations. It is this will power that helped me drive SMF to where it is today: one of the most popular male blogs in Australia. From the word go, I have use my will power

If you’re confused, shy or don’t have the inspiration behind finding your own will power, team up with a bunch of friends and set goals amongst each other. Positive peer pressure is a great way of getting things done. Gather the boys up for a barbeque and place bets (which can later be your donation money) on things you guys have always dreamt of accomplishing at some point in your life. By encouraging one another and working together to achieve each other’s goals, you will soon realise the growing levels of will power amongst one another.

So now I’m calling for you to find your own will power the exact same way I did, and use it to say no to alcohol during October. You’ll also be doing your body a favour. Nonetheless, when you discover the will power to say no to something you love, you will discover the will power to do absolutely anything you set yourself to. By achieving untapped will power ready to do you good, along with an optimistic mindset, you will not only be helping yourself, but everyone around you.

Sign up NOW and let’s begin fundraising. Once registered, you can easily invite family and friends to sponsor you online. Create your own team fundraising page and do Ocsober with a group of friends, family or work colleagues.

Here’s a quick video that’ll help you spread the word about this amazing cause:

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