The Running of the Bulls…possibly one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life, yet most amazing!

The scary side of things – Every year, between 200 and 300 people are injured during the run although most injuries are contusions due to falls and are not serious. Just make sure you don’t fall down, because if you do, no one is going to help you up. You have two goals: make it around “dead-man’s-corner” safely and into the arena before the gates are closed. Simple. If you’re too scared to run with the bulls, seating tickets are sold to the arena during the week.


Try your hardest not to end up like this bloke!

IMG_5783 copy

T-minus one hour before the Opening Ceremony in front of the Town Hall Castle. Prepare yourself for a couple elbows to the face and a hell of a ride once the Opening Ceremony kicks in!

IMG_5820 copy 2

Our sangria filled bota bags (wine skins) and scarf used to wave around during the festival.

IMG_5804 copy

All white everythang. The city will be covered with stalls selling white linen pants as well as shirts. Your white attire will soon become red (see picture above) from all the sangria showers.

We booked our whole package with Fanatics, who I highly recommend. We booked a 4-day camping package, where we stayed with approx. 1,500 other Australians on a campsite that deadset did not sleep for the the entire four days. We drunk sangria and ate kebabs from dusk to dawn, singing to anthems being performed by one of the tour guides every single night. Check out their packages here.

Check out other tour companies that also sell Pamplona packages are:

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