The Phoenix Diner @ The Lansdowne Hotel

Rising from the ashes, City Road fixture The Lansdowne Hotel has reopened, relaunched and returned its sorely missed presence to Sydney’s live music scene, with renewed adventures and an 80s New York loft style ambience.

Having bred some of the biggest and best bands in the country, The Lansdowne is marking this historic revival with live music, awesome food and an experience that will usher in new kinds of Lansdowne thrills for all!

The Lansdowne is also pleased to introduce The Phoenix Diner, which delivers an authentic American diner experience, featuring new menu items like Coked Up Chicken Legs (cola-braised chicken legs, chilli popcorn and slaw) and Moonshine Gumbo.


Carlitos and I were invited to try the new Pheonix Diner menu earlier last week. With so much satisfaction in filling ourselves with food, we accepted happily. We kicked off our night with a some refreshing cocktails, a mojito and citrus infused whiskey cocktail to be exact (highly recommend the whiskey).



We skipped entrèes and went straight to  mains (it was a long day, we were bloody starving!). Carlitos ordered the Dry Aged Scotch Fillet with chips, onion rings, roast tomato, spinach and veggies (pretty amazing for $18 I must say). I on the other hand I went for the hands on option, i.e. ribs, and ordered the Ruby Ribs – smoked lamb ribs, braised with Texas smoke sauce and chips ($15)…AMAZING!




I highly recommend the burgers as well. We were both so disappointed that we didn’t have any room to down one ourselves. The table opposite us ordered a burger each and they looked so damn good, leaving Carlitos and I contemplating a food coma.

2-6 City Road
Chippandale, NSW 2008
(click for map)
02-8218 2333

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 10am – 3am
Saturday 10am – 12am
Sunday 12pm – 10pm

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