Pitti Uomo 85 Day One

Dreams do come true! (sounds a little cheesy, I know)

When I first started this blog in February of 2013, Tommy Ton and his Pitti Uomo shots are what inspired me to go forward and fuelled my passion and desire for street style. I would sit there for endless nights wishing that one day I could attend the beautiful men’s fashion fair in Florence, just ONCE so that I could actually experience what actually going on in the crazy world of fashion, as well as meet the people who inspire me most.

So after finishing my Master Degree at university and I had my mind set. I wanted to attend Pitti Uomo 85. So I begun organising and planning the trip of a lifetime. I booked accommodation and purchased a ticket to Florence, and I was off.

Armed with a Canon I snapped over 400 photos but here are my favourites:


PU2 copy

PU4 copy

PU5 copy

PU6 copy

PU7 copy

PU8 copy

PU9 copy

PU10 copy

PU11 copy

PU12 copy

PU13 copy

PU14 copy

PU15 copy

PU16 copy

PU17 copy

PU18 copy

PU19 copy

PU20 copy

PU21 copy

PU22 copy

PU23 copy

PU24 copy

PU25 copy

PU26 copy

PU27 copy

PU28 copy

PU29 copy

PU30 copy

PU31 copy

PU32 copy

PU33 copy

PU34 copy

PU35 copy

PU36 copy

Bring on Day Two of Pitti Uomo 85. Stay up to date with everything Pitti Uomo on our Instagram.




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